I am a motion media editor of film/video, currently an independent contractor available for work. I've got a couple Emmy nominations to my name, lots of broadcast credits, festival showings and awards, my work has been shown all over the world and exhibited in art galleries. I co-produced and edited several videos for Fairmount Park Conservancy starting in 2017, I co-produced and edited two videos for The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, as well as co-producing a cable TV show now under the name SLAW.me. I have experience with documentaries (long-form, short-form and every length inbetween), educational, industrial, medical/pharmaceutical video; documentary-based and scripted projects; network promos and spots; abstract and experimental projects; probably some other stuff, just ask!  (For more details, check out my resume over there in the sidebar.)  Bring me on board to start, rescue, finish, fix or critique your project - let my many years of experience help you tell the story you want to tell.

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Valerie Keller

EVERY Neighborhood, EVERY Body, EVERY Season, ONE Fairmount Park Conservancy

This social media fundraising campaign was a really fun, challenging project for the team that formed late 2017 as a video production partnership between myself, James Wasserman and Tony Heriza.  Tony and James are both experienced, talented media makers and it was great working with them on these videos and solidifying our relatively new collaboration with Fairmount Park Conservancy.

The purpose of this particular campaign was to highlight FPC's accomplishments in 2017 in a 4-part series of short videos based on their slogan for the amazing variety of work that they do in and around Philadelphia's park system: EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD, EVERY BODY, EVERY SEASON, ONE FAIRMOUNT PARK CONSERVANCY.

The most challenging aspect was honing in on a clear, concise encapsulation of their projects, events and initiatives because their work is so multi-pronged and comprehensive.  Cinematographer James Wasserman traversed the city, shooting in the woods, at park cleanup days, at Fairmount Park historic mansions, at events from hundreds of people sampling local beer in inner-city parks to a half dozen people meditating and then going on a guided hike in the woods.  Then James and Tony and I had to find a way to distill all the footage into four videos of one minute or less.  There is so much to say about Fairmount Park Conservancy but I'll let the videos tell the rest of the story.

It's probably obvious that I'm really jazzed about Fairmount Park Conservancy as an organization, so much so that I myself became a member as part of my end-of-year giving.

Radius patient profile: Tina

This patient profile video tells the story of Tina, a carpenter and miniature diaorama maker, who was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years prior to getting a VCF – vertebral compression fracture. Because her job was very physical and she didn't experience any symptoms, she did not take the diagnosis seriously, which is apparently very common because you cannot feel the disease. This video brings attention to Radius' "Fractured Truth" campaign website, which provides information as well as a community to turn to.

Park Champions

In late 2017, I teamed up with cinematographer James Wasserman to create this video for Fairmount Park Conservancy's Centennial Gala, a night of celebration for members and donors to recount some of the past year's accomplishments.

This time, instead of the montage approach of past promos, giving an overview of programs and thanking members of the organization, the goal of this video was to highlight the unsung heroes of the Philly park system, the neighborhood volunteers who have been building up and maintaining their neighborhood parks out of love and community spirit, and whose efforts FPC supports and enhances.

While working on this video James and I came in contact with some amazing community members and their inspiring stories, which throw light on how important public open space can be to keep a community strong and provide peace and solace and safe play space. I love that FPC chose to focus on the volunteers who are so important to the success of their mission, and without whom they couldn't successfully steward Philly's parks and playgrounds.

The video was shown at the Gala dinner to a rapt audience. I think we met and exceeded the goal of the project and the focus on neighborhood volunteers, or "Park Champions" served to strengthen the community outreach spirit of Fairmount Park Conservancy.

Genentech Patient Proflie: Gianna

This profile of Gianna, visual artist and longest surviving heart transplant patient in the world, was created for a celebration of Genentech's Transplant Legacy Team to tell the story of how Gianna came to be commissioned to make a special work of art to honor Genentech's work in the field of transplantation.  She met with the Legacy Team and incorporated their stories into her art, blending them with her own experiences as a transplant patient.
Snapshot Philly

The Philadelphia History Museum (formerly the Atwater Kent) just re-opened after massive renovations and revamping, with the new mission to bring Philadelphia History from colonial times up to the present.  They have an amazing collection and fantastic exhibit ideas, this is one of the most innovative museums I have ever seen.  I'm proud to have edited these two exhibit videos - produced by Night Kitchen Interactive - for the first exhibit room when you enter the museum.  I made this movie file by putting the two videos side by side, but in reality they play on separate monitors throughout the room so that wherever you stand you will see both playing simultaneously.

When in Philly, visit the Philadelphia History Museum at 15 S. 7th Street - a hop/skip/jump from the historic district.
Philadelphia History Museum - philadelphiahistory.org
Night Kitchen Interactive - whatscookin.com
Dancing Outside the Box

This 15-minute video by David Block focuses on the world of wheelchair ballroom dancing through the story of Ray Leight, a wheelchair user who developed ballroom dancing curriculum for wheelchair users to dance with a standing partner.