I am a motion media editor of film/video, currently an independent contractor available for work. I've got a couple Emmy nominations to my name, lots of broadcast credits, festival showings and awards, my work has been shown all over the world and exhibited in art galleries. I co-produced and edited two videos for The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, as well as co-producing a cable TV show known as BiG TeA PaRty from 1998 - 2010 (long before the phrase "tea party" had any political significance). Check our Sustainable Living website: slaw.me. I have experience with educational, industrial, medical/pharmaceutical video; documentary and scripted projects; network promos and spots; abstract and experimental projects; probably some other stuff, just ask!  (For more details, check out my resume over there in the sidebar.)  Bring me on board to start, finish, fix or critique your project - let my many years of experience help you tell the story you want to.

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Valerie Keller
Snapshot Philly

The Philadelphia History Museum (formerly the Atwater Kent) just re-opened after massive renovations and revamping, with the new mission to bring Philadelphia History from colonial times up to the present.  They have an amazing collection and fantastic exhibit ideas, this is one of the most innovative museums I have ever seen.  I'm proud to have edited these two exhibit videos - produced by Night Kitchen Interactive - for the first exhibit room when you enter the museum.  I made this movie file by putting the two videos side by side, but in reality they play on separate monitors throughout the room so that wherever you stand you will see both playing simultaneously.

When in Philly, visit the Philadelphia History Museum at 15 S. 7th Street - a hop/skip/jump from the historic district.
Philadelphia History Museum - philadelphiahistory.org
Night Kitchen Interactive - whatscookin.com
Dancing Outside the Box

This 15-minute video by David Block focuses on the world of wheelchair ballroom dancing through the story of Ray Leight, a wheelchair user who developed ballroom dancing curriculum for wheelchair users to dance with a standing partner.
Frankford Is..

This is an introduction to the "Imagining Frankford" project of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.  People who live in the Frankford section of Philadelphia were asked to describe their neighborhood in one word.  This video is a compilation of the results.

Notable people include: Bill Gambrel, Councilwoman ‪Maria QuiƱones-Sanchez‬, Bob Smiley... really every person is notable.  Frankford has a rich history and a diverse population and this project just scratches the surface.

Project info - muralarts.org/explore/projects/imagining-frankford
Project interviews - youtube.com/user/ImaginingFrankford
Visionary Voices

The "Visionary Voices | Leaders Lessons Legacy" project of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University is collecting the stories of those who played a part, or were first-hand witness, to the events that changed the lives of people with intellectual disabilities in Pennsylvania. Starting in the 1960s, Pennsylvanians with disabilities, family members, and advocates have paved the way for national policies that have led to widespread reform. This 17-minute video is an introduction to the Visionary Voices project, and serves as a sample of some of the amazing stories to be found on the website: disabilities.temple.edu/voices
Porchlight Initiative - Mural Arts Program
This video was produced by Valerie Keller and Gail Lloyd for Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia to highlight their innovative Porch Light Initiative - a series of public art projects in partnership with the City of Philadelphia Department of Behavioral Health and disAbility Services. These projects are done through community involvement around issues of Behavioral health such as mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction and mental disability. The project featured in this video is a mural called "Personal Renaissance" (lead artist James D. Burns), which was painted on the side of JEVS Human Services methadone clinic in North Philly. It's a gorgeous mural that depicts themes of drug addiction and recovery, and the clients at JEVS helped paint the mural as part of their recovery therapy. It was so successful that not only have ongoing painting and other art programs been instituted at JEVS, but Mural Arts Program received a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to increase and target this work, including a study by the Yale School of Medicine to prove that public art projects can be an effective and money-saving element in behavioral health treatment programs.

Philadelphia Water Dept PROMO: Green City program

This promo for the Philadelphia Water Department's "Green City, Clean Waters" initiative outlines how the City of Philadelphia aims to meet the EPA mandate of pollution reduction in the rivers - the Schuylkill and the Delaware - by installing green infrastructures that mimic how nature handles stormwater - by holding it, filtering it and slowly releasing into the general flow of rivers and streams. These green solutions for an urban environment include stream bank buffers, rain barrels, stormwater planters, rain gardens, tree trenches, green roofs and porous paving, instead of building storage tanks and adding more pipes to an already over-burdened system.